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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Staff Pick: Butterfly Alphabet (Ages 9-12)

book cover The Butterfly Alphabet , by nature photographer Kjell B. Sandved , is a magical tribute to butterflies told through poetry and close-up photography of butterfly wings. Each butterfly wing has been photographed to reveal a letter of the alphabet. The wings of butterflies, including the Swallowtail butterfly and spectacular blue Morpho , are displayed as color close-up works of art. Each butterfly is given a two-page dedication. The left side displays a small picture of the butterfly, a poetic verse and the name of the butterfly. The right side is a full color page of the magnified detail of the butterfly’s wing. Believe me, this is extraordinary work! In fact, the author spent twenty-five years photographing the butterflies in this book. The book can be enjoyed by anyone, including adults and children. Parents, this is a fun way for children to learn the alphabet!

From the book:

“Ornaments floating in the air,
Charming all who see them there.”

“So simple is the majesty
Of nature’s vibrant tapestry.”

“Nature’s angels fill the skies
In twinkling butterfly disguise.”

The butterfly wings are expressions of the extraordinary beauty that can be found in nature. This book will transport you to an enchanting place through the fluttering, fanciful beauty that can only be found by observing the simply magnificent butterfly.

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